Fresh Bread & Cakes


Choose from our large variety of fresh bread and cakes, baked daily!

Our bread is baked by hand by a small, experienced team of bakers who are trained in traditional German methods.

Bread box- Small £15 (1 Sourdough 800g, 1 Farmhouse Wholemeal 400g, 3 Croissants, 4 Rustic Rolls, 4 Focaccia Rolls)

Bread box- Medium £25 (1 Sourdough 800g, 1 Italian Bloomer 800g, 1 Wholemeal Brown Bloomer 800g, 4 Croissants, 4 Rustic Rolls, 4 Focaccia Rolls)

Breakfast Box selection £11 ( 2 Croissants 2 Pan au Chocolate, 2 Danish Pastries, 2 Bagels)

Cake selection £14 (2 Large Strawberry tarts, 2 Fruit Square, 2 Apple Square, 2 Vanilla slices)

Tea Selection £10 (2 Fruit Scones, 2 Plain Scones, 2 Empire Biscuits, 2 individual Jam pots, 2 clotted cream portions, 4 butter portions)

Gluten Free selection £15 (3x 1kg White GF sliced loaf or 3x 1kg Seeded GF Sliced loaf) Only available Wednesday orders must be received by Sunday 7pm

The table below outlines the day your bread will be ready in relation to the day you ordered.

Order Day – Collection Day

Sun – Mon

Mon – Wed

Tue – Wed

Wed – Fri

Thur – Fri

Fri – Sat

Sat – Monday


Cut off for orders is strictly 12pm. Orders placed after 12pm will roll over to the next day.

Breads now contain a minium quantity per type ordered. See below.

Loaves min 1

Rolls min 4

Cakes/Pastries min 2

Prices reflect this. IE Choose Morning Rolls, you will get 4. Choose Fruit Slices you will get 2 etc.

Any questions or queries we are always online on Facebook so drop us a message.


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