Epochal Beers


Squarer of Circles – A 3.6% Scottish table beer brewed with Scotch Common, a very old landrace Scottish barley used in beer and whisky production between the late 17th and early 19th Centuries. It was grown and malted by Crafty Maltsters in Fife and possesses a subtly honeyish spicy sweetness. It’s also hopped with UK Cascade and Bramling Cross from Brook House Hops in Herefordshire. Open fermentation with house Saccharomyces was followed by wood fermentation with Brettanomyces and finally bottle fermentation with both.  It pours extra pale with loads of foam and aromas of heather honey, fresh cut guava, bramble cream, coconut and pear sherbet. Light bodied, bitter and refreshing. So much character for such a little beer.

Angle Trisector – a 4.5% Scottish table beer also brewed with Scotch Common but hopped with Ernest grown by Hukins Hops in Kent. Ernest was bred in the 1950’s (by a guy called Ernest, fantastically) but has an extraordinary intensity of fruit character more typical of very recently developed cultivars. The beer pours foamy pale gold with vibrant aromas of passionfruit, peach, gooseberry, white wine, white pepper and ripe melon. On the palate, the beer is light and crunchy with lively carbonation and lingering bitterness.

The Fixed Stars – 6.2% Glasgow Light Porter based on the writings of Glasgow’s top 19th Century porter brewer, James Steel. It’s brewed with a lot of amber malt, which gives it a rich roastyness, but it’s also very dry and refreshing. It’s a uniquely Glaswegian approach to the style.

The Golden Net – 12% pale Scottish strong ale hopped with East Kent Goldings and fermented in Sauternes casks. It’s dripping in wine character but on quite an elegant, light base beer, so it has a lovely balance.

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