La Vis Pinot Nero


The Pinot Nero grape, of French origin, enjoys an ideal habitat in various areas of Trentino, grown mainly in the foothill vineyards of Lavis and Giovo.  it reaches full maturity only after a long period on the vine. Light ruby red in colour, the wine has an intense bouquet with hints of sweet and juicy cherry and a pleasant and characteristic lingering aroma of forest fruits. It is delicate and fruity, with dense, silky tannins and a long finish. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, ageing in French oak barrels for approximately 5/6 before bottling. Pinot Nero produces wines which are not rich in colour, transparent, slightly tannic, with strong acidity,  characterized by fruity undertones (cassis, blackberry, raspberry, cherry and strawberry) and floral (rose, violet) when young, and more fine and complex notes with aging (leather, tobacco, spices). Great with Thai food, fish, duck or turkey dishes.

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