Fresh Bread & Cakes


Choose from our large variety of fresh bread and cakes, baked daily!

Our bread is baked by hand by a small, experienced team of bakers who are trained in traditional German methods.

Bread box- Small £16.50 (1 Sourdough 800g, 1 Farmhouse Wholemeal 400g, 3 Croissants, 4 Rustic Rolls, 4 Focaccia Rolls)

Bread box- Medium £27.50 (1 Sourdough 800g, 1 Italian Bloomer 800g, 1 Wholemeal Brown Bloomer 800g, 4 Croissants, 4 Rustic Rolls, 4 Focaccia Rolls)

Breakfast Box selection £12.50 ( 2 Croissants 2 Pan au Chocolate, 2 Danish Pastries, 2 Bagels)

Cake selection £15.50 (2 Large Strawberry tarts, 2 Fruit Square, 2 Apple Square, 2 Vanilla slices)

Tea Selection £12 (2 Fruit Scones, 2 Plain Scones, 2 Empire Biscuits, 2 individual Jam pots, 2 clotted cream portions, 4 butter portions)

Gluten-Free selection £16.50 (3x 1kg White GF sliced loaf or 3x 1kg Seeded GF Sliced loaf) Only available Wednesday orders must be received by Sunday 7 pm

The table below outlines the day your bread will be ready in relation to the day you ordered.

Order Day – Collection Day

Sun – Mon

Mon – Wed

Tue – Wed

Wed – Fri

Thur – Fri

Fri – Sat

Sat – Monday


Cut off for orders is strictly 12pm. Orders placed after 12pm will roll over to the next day.

Breads now contain a minimum quantity per type ordered. See below.

  • Loaves min 1
  • Rolls min 4
  • Cakes/Pastries min 2

Prices reflect this. IE Choose 1x Morning Rolls, you will get 4. Choose 1x Fruit Slices you will get 2 etc.

Any questions or queries we are always online on Facebook so drop us a message or give us a call.


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