Boë Vodka Flavours


Boë Azzurra Vodka

Taking inspiration from the clear blue skies of a sunny Italian day, the team at Boë set about creating this delightful Azzurra Vodka! Four times distilled, it is infused with watermelon, kiwi, cucumber, and mint to create a fantastically refreshing tipple – it’ll go great mixed with lemonade, garnished with a sprig of mint and a slice of kiwi!


Boë Pink Vodka

This Pink Vodka from Boë focuses on a particularly excellent flavour combo – raspberries and white chocolate! The four-times distilled vodka is infused with the star flavours, resulting in a gorgeously sweet sipper.


Boë Dark Fruits Vodka

Blackberries and blackcurrants are the stars of the show in this tasty Dark Fruits Vodka from Boë. Quadruple distilled vodka is infused with fresh fruits to achieve a sweet and juicy profile – wonderful with tonic, and should be pretty versatile for cocktails too!

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