Corona Virus Update

These are hard times, tough decisions ahead for all of us. And situation changing on a daily basis. At the moment with the support of our wonderful team we have managed to stay open and serve our loyal community and friends.

We are having to adapt our business, doing our best to offer takeaway & delivery of food, drink and some essential items. Which we know is a lifeline for some. Working with our food suppliers to keep shelves topped up with bread, milk, eggs, butter etc as well as a few well needed treats. As of later today we also hope to supply fresh fruit and veg.

For your own safety and our teams we are asking customers to follow guidelines on social distancing and keep a safe distance. From time to time we may have to introduce a door policy to insure not to many customers enter at the same time with a one in one out system, if this happens please form a queue outside. We are sanitising surfaces include food hands every 30mins.

From today we are not accepting cash and would ask customers to pay by card only.

Some items we have reduced to only one per person, please respect this.

Lastly we have changed our opening hours again and will be closing at 6pm everyday.

Can we take this opportunity to again thank you all for your loyal support.

Stay well

Mark Sue and team Billingtons

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